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This site contains lists of birth, marriage & burial records, organized by parish for all members of the Fisk family obtained from the Suffolk ( England ) records office. You can access these records by using the navigation bars above or by using the search facility to search for name, place, date, etc.

No living representatives of the Fisk / Fiske family are knowingly represented on this site without their consent.

All the information presented here is in the public domain, collected from the Suffolk Records Office by myself. It is provided on an entirely voluntary basis to enable anyone interested in the Fisk family name to research their ancestors and thus may not be used for any commercial gain without written permission.


The records on this site are collected from many sources the principal being Suffolk Records Office in Lowestoft, Suffolk England.
I am researching my own branch of the Fisk family and started to collect records that were relevant to me. I then hit a point where I got stuck looking for a particular person, so I decided to go through all the very local records to find him. This I did but I also realised that I was sitting on the source of the records in Suffolk for the Fisk / Fiske family and that many other people around the world would love to get their hands on these records. So I have begun ( with the help of my wife ) to collect all the parish records that mention Fisk. This is as you can imagine a massive task, as the name Fisk appears to have originated in Suffolk. Each week we collect more records and I intend to include other things on this site including, photographs of all remaining gravestones before they are lost, along with views of the Suffolk countryside and its history.