Carlton Colville Burials  

 Samuel Physk 29.08.1737 Son of John Physk a child  
 Susannah Physk 22.09.1739 Dau of John Physk an infant  
Sarah Fiske 10.08.1746 Dau of John Fiske a young woman  
Susannah Fiske 06.07.1750  Wife of John Fiske  
John Pisk (Physk?) 30.04.1772 Married man  
John Fisk 20.05.1804 age 84  
John Fisk 20.06.1806 age 50 single man  
Hannah Fisk 08.06.1811 Spinster of William & Mary Fisk (nee Johnson) Privately baptised the same day  
Mary Naomi Fisk 15.03.1855 7 weeks old  
Mary Fisk 06.09.1855 age 46


William Fisk 16.11.1896 age 86 in Oulton workhouse  
Charles Frederick Fisk 19.11.1900 20 days old  
Christopher James Fisk 20.03.1908 age 60 of Cotmer Green Oulton Broad,Carlton Colville