Laxfield Marriages

MALE FEMALE Banns Marriage Where Ipo Add'Info
Thomas Borrett Anne Ffyske   26.07.1579 Laxfield    
Thomas Newton Jane Ffyske   14.09.1579 Laxfield    
Wollfran Baldwyn Elizabeth Ffyske   18.08.1590 Laxfield    
Henry Ffyske Margaret Smith   15.09.1590 Laxfield    
Mathew Ffyske Margaret Hayward   24.10.1593 Laxfield    
Arthur Orfor Rachell Ffyske   21.06.1599 Laxfield    
John Ffyske Elizabeth Button   05.05.1600 Laxfield   Father:- Mathew Ffyske
Thomas Borrett Anne Ffyske   08.07.1600 Laxfield   not a mistake, this is another entry in the register
John Ffyske Mary Eade   23.09.1600 Laxfield   Father:- Nicholas Ffyske
Edmond Stannard Elizabeth Ffyske   25.07.1604 Laxfield   Father:-Mathew Ffyske
Mathew Ffyske Anne Huggins   30.01.1611 Laxfield    
John Ffiske Mary East****   03.06.1629 Laxfield    
Wollfran Bishop widower Anna Fiske   13.02.1654 Laxfield   Father:-Gregorie Fiske (Deceased) Married by Mr Hubbard Justice of the peace
John Ffisk s.otp Elizabeth Hayward s.otp   29.10.1663 Laxfield   Banns published according to law
George Stimpson s.otp Elizabeth Ffiske s.otp   13.02.1672 Laxfield   By licence from the commisary of Suffolk
William Ffisk s.of Linstead Mary Trixy s.of Linstead   26.11.1688 Laxfield   By licence from the commisary of Suffolk
William Fiske Sarah Becket   October 1705 Laxfield    
Simon Stannard Sarah Fiske   12.11.1719 Laxfield    
Amos Fisk Mary Cacamole   12.08.1742 Laxfield    
Henry Ffisk Elizabeth Bicker   02.02.1743 Laxfield    
Samuel Fisk wid.otp Sarah Noller s.of Fressingfield 13,20th 12.1761 03.01.1762 05.01.1762 Laxfield John Sutton B Gibson Both signed X
William Hunt w.otp Sarah Fisk w.otp   13.11.1789 Laxfield James Botwright B Gibson By Licence
Samuel Adkins s.of Dennington Sarah Fisk s.otp 4,11,18th Dec 1791 05.01.1792 Laxfield John Adkins B Gibson Samuel X Sarah Signed
Benjamin Bicker w.otp Elizabeth Fisk s.otp 12.19.26. March 1797 01.05.1797 Laxfield Sarah Felgate John Tovell

Note:-found in Lakenheath Registers.Benjamin Bicker,(Shoe Maker)alledged father of Bastard child Margeret Fisk. Daughter of Mary Fisk Baptised 09.04.1797.

Brundish Parish constable, order for his apprehension
Benjamin Signed Elizabeth X

Robert Watson s.of Cratfield Hannah Fisk s.otp 7.14.21.October 1798 25.10.1798 Laxfield William Fisk John Tovell Both Signed
John Fisk s.of Bramfield Esther Burgess s.otp 14.21.28. Sept 1800 05.10.1800 Laxfield Thomas Burgess Susan Woods John Signed Esther X
George Fisk s.of Dennington Hannah Cook-Bownwick s.otp 15.22.29.Sept 1805 14.10.1805 Laxfield Sarah Fisk Mary Fisk George X
Joseph Fisk s.otp Anne Cathpole s.of Fressingfield 26 Dec 1802 2.9th Jan 1803        
Robert Holmes s.otp Susan Fisk s.of Dennington 8.15.22.Jan 1804        
John Chinery s.otp Phoebe Fisk s.of Fressingfield 11.18.25.March 1804        
To be continued